Entry #4

I want to do a song.

2009-11-22 21:13:09 by TheCadre

I want to do a remix/remake/revamp (cannot find specific term) of Gerudo Valley, with vocals.

Thing is, I can't play guitar. Don't know anyone close by who can.
:( Eghh... I dunno, if someone could help me out here I'd be really grateful, I've been wanting to do something like this for awhile.

Soo.... yeah. Hope you all had a nice weekend.


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2009-12-23 21:23:43

sounds awesome! Are you wanting to do the Gerudo valley song from Ocarina of Time or Twilight princess? because both of them are pretty sweet. I have a horrendously busy schedule but i play guitar. If you don't find anyone else maybe we could talk about it further